A reminder that members have been invited by Citroën UK to participate in the above programme.

Those eligible will be intending to book their Citroën, including the new DS range, into an authorised dealer at some time this year for a service, including Summer & Winter checks..

Basically, at the time of the service they would be joined by a professional shopper of an agency appointed by Citroën, posing as a friend, who would secretly film the dealer staff in the reception/waiting area.

The dealer whilst being unaware of what was happening would have been advised of the possibility that it could happen and would subsequently be shown the film with suggestions as to possible improvements which could be made in customer service.

The camera would not be on the customer at any time and, of course, they must not mention anything to the dealer.

Now the best bit. Members participating will receive a payment from Citroën of £85.00 towards the cost of their service.

Any members wishing to participate in the programme should initially contact me by e-mail and I will then send you all the relevant information as to the procedure to be followed and the initial contact e-mail address (for administrative purposes applications may only be sent by e-mail).

There is the possibility that your appointed dealer made have already been recently filmed on a number of occasions in which case you may asked to wait until a later time, or another dealer suggested.


Mystery Shopper Program

The first and last time i contacted Citroen to participate i received a e-mail thanking me and saying someone would contact me but they never did no explanation or contact! I supplied Citroen with the Service times my C6 was going into the local Dealer for its service and winter check over so i presume the C6 is of no interest to Citroen, and as today i still haven't had a reply.

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